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10 warning signs you should never
overlook when making an injury claim
Spot the warning signs with this checklist: "10 Mistakes That Can Ruin Your Injury Claim"
Keep an eye out for these 10 downfalls and feel reassured that you’re making smart decisions and being properly supported while making a claim.
With this checklist, you'll discover 10 Dangerous problems that can send your
claim up in smoke...
  • When it's YOUR CHOICES that are causing issues. Such as who you talk to and what information you share... or don't share.
  • When your ATTORNEY is a risk. Including where their focus lies and how they approach your case.
  • What DELAYS or INACTIONS can cause complications. Such as what information should NOT be withheld and what actions need to be prompt.
  •  And much more!
Keep confidence in your claim with this checklist!
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