Beware Of Any Injury Attorney That Doesn’t Have These 6 Guarantees!

Let's Face It
Hiring An Injury Attorney Can Be A Stressful Process

Let’s face it. Hiring an injury attorney can be a stressful process. All the attorneys in the Yellow Pages all look the same, so it’s hard to make an informed decision.

Plus you may be getting pressured by other attorneys to sign up with them right on the spot. An attorney who is pushy may be desperate or may be focusing on quantity of cases instead of quality.

If it’s a good decision today, it will be a good decision tomorrow after you’re slept on it.

I’m the only attorney in New Mexico that offers the following guarantees that’ll boost the chances you’ll get maximum value for your injury claim:

Promise #1: You Will Speak And Meet With An Actual Attorney

Once you hire us, when you call, unless we are helping another client or we are in a Court proceeding, you will speak with and deal with one of our attorneys.

Many other firms have you deal almost exclusively with a non-attorney employee. Crazy right?!? These other firms have you talking to non-attorneys about your important case!

Why? They don’t care about you or your case. There are many personal injury firms that are not based in New Mexico and don’t even have an attorney living here, let alone actually in the New Mexico office working on your case.

Often, you won’t ever even meet with your actual lawyer. We don’t think that’s the right thing to do. You, your injuries and your case are important to us. We will take the time to talk to you, explain your case and give you the best representation and advice we can.

Promise #2: If We Don't Negotiate, Settle Or Win Your Case, We Don't Get A Paid Fee. Ever!
Promise #3: Your Bills Will Get Paid

Medical bills are incredibly expensive. It may be the case that your medical bills will be greater than available insurance coverage. If that is the case, we will work to get your bills paid from your settlement or verdict.

We guarantee that we will negotiate to get your medical bills paid and money and in your pocket, even if we have to cut our attorney’s fees or not take any fee at all.

Promise #4: When You Hire Us, You Get A Team Of Experienced, Respected And Aggressive Attorneys Who Are Not Afraid To Fight For You And To Take A Case To Trial

Many personal injury lawyers have never tried a case!!! Many don’t have the first clue about taking a case to trial.

The insurance companies know who these attorneys are and they take advantage of them, meaning they really are taking advantage of you when you hire those attorneys.

When you hire us, we guarantee that we will work diligently to get your case ready for trial. Why? Because we know that pushing for trial gives you leverage, the ONLY leverage you will have against the insurance company.

That leverage is pressure.

In our experience, when you pressure an insurance company with hard work, experience, know-how and trial, that’s when you get better results.

Do you think the insurance companies give good settlement offers to those other attorneys that are too afraid or too inexperienced to go to trial? The short answer – NO!

Because of our experience, determination and trial preparedness, we have had incredible results for our clients and we will work hard to get you an incredible result too.

Promise #5: We Guarantee A Better Offer From The Insurance Company

Even if they have already given you an offer, we guarantee that we will get you a better offer. If we don’t? We won’t charge a fee!

Promise #6: We Guarantee Value

You deserve the best, so hire the best! In our experience, many people hire cut-rate attorneys hoping to save a dollar in attorney’s fees. Buyer beware, you get what you pay for!