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Alex has been practicing law since 2000 and has earned top awards for his vigorous representation and advocacy for his clients.

At Crecca Law, Alex believes in making things right when things go wrong.

Alex believes that no one wants to be in a lawsuit, but if you are injured, that you shouldn’t have to go it alone.

Alex believes that you deserve someone who will listen to you, understand you and fight for you.

Alex believes when you get knocked down, you deserve to have someone help you get back up.

Alex believes you deserve to protect your future, protect your family and protect your loved ones.

Alex believes that things don’t always “just happen”, sometimes people and corporations do bad and they need to be held accountable.

Alex believes in challenging insurance companies and standing up to bullies.

Alex believes that David can beat Goliath.

Alex believes in winning together.

Alex has spent his entire legal career helping and representing New Mexicans. He has extensive experience litigating and handling lawsuits. Unlike many other firms advertising on billboards and TV, Alex has the experience, know-how, and resources to fight for you. He is one of the few attorneys in New Mexico to receive a jury verdict in excess of 10 Million Dollars.

Alex understands how incredibly difficult your life has been since your injury or loss of loved one, and he will treat you the way want to and deserve to be treated. Alex has broad experience handling wrongful death cases and catastrophic personal injury claims, including quadriplegia, burn injuries, brain, and spinal injuries.

Alex knows how companies and their insurers investigate and defend claims. Prior to starting New Mexico Injury Attorneys, PC, Alex worked for an Albuquerque business and insurance defense law firm where he learned how big insurance companies evaluate the legal issues in cases, set monetary values for your claims and how they defend themselves against lawsuits.

Contact us, to see if he can put his knowledge and experience to work for you.

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