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Alexander D. Crecca has broad experience in handling these difficult cases. Prior to starting The Law Firm of Alexander D. Crecca, PC, Mr. Crecca represented numerous trucking and insurance companies, large and small. He is intimately familiar with the tactics used by companies, insurance companies and their counselors in defending themselves against claims made by injured persons. Not all counselors have this experience or training.

If you have been injured or lost a loved one in a trucking collisions and you need an experienced counselors, call The Law Firm of Alexander D. Crecca, PC for help.

Here is some information on the trucking industry and injuries caused by its drivers and trucks:

If you want vast experience regarding collision cases. Alex, a top counselor, will help you build a foundation for your case by preserving evidence and commencing an immediate investigation to ensure all responsible parties are named and all police reports are accurate.

A collisions can affect all aspects of your life – your health, your free time, your income and many other items. And your credit can be affected if the insurance companies are late in their payments.

What should you do if you are involved in a collision?

  • If possible, take down as much information as possible – driver and co-driver’s names, witness’ names, police officer’s names. If you have a camera, take pictures.
  • Contact a counselor as soon as possible. The trucking companies begin their investigation at the collisions scene. They send their counselors and investigators to the scene as soon as possible. They do this to gather facts so that they can begin their defense against you. It is imperative that you contact a counselor as soon as possible. A counselor can help preserve evidence, interview witnesses and protect your claims.
  • Do not talk about the case with anyone except for your counselors. What you tell us is confidential, what you tell anyone else is not.
  • Do not give the truck company, its insurance company, or anyone connected with either one any statement – written or recorded. You are not obligated to talk to them at all. They will attempt to twist your words and use what you say against you.
  • Oftentimes the trauma and pain from the collision can affect your perception of the collisions and your ability to communicate the details of what happened. If you must give a statement to the police, and you are injured or traumatized, let the officer know this. You should try to avoid talking to them until you feel better and you are not confused, nervous, upset, in pain, or on medication. Always tell the truth, but don’t make detailed statements. Be polite and cooperative, but remember that you have just been involved in an collisions and may not possess all your faculties. The trucking company and its insurance company will try to use your statement against you.
  • Do not give the insurance or truck company or any of their affiliates any medical, wage, or damage information. You don’t even have to talk to them.
  • People involved in these cases often don’t know that they have been seriously injured. If asked if you are okay, say no. Until your condition is assessed by a doctor or health facility, you won’t really know if you are “okay”.
  • Do not fake or exaggerate your injuries. Always tell the truth.

Remember, time is of the essence. Alexander D. Crecca knows the vehicle and insurance industry and can help. Contact us as soon as possible for legal help for your injuries.

Compensation for Motor Vehicle Collision Victims

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The Crecca Law Firm represents seriously injured victims of and other motor vehicle collisions, and families of those who have died because of and motor vehicle collisions throughout the state. An automobile collision that results in serious injury or death often has complicated legal issues about liability and insurance. The insurance companies will not protect the rights of victims of, truck, or motorcycle collisions. Collision victims need prompt consultation with an experienced trial counselors.

Handling All Motor Vehicle Collision Claims

Our counselors rely on experience to take on insurance companies in all types of motor vehicle collision cases, including:

  • Serious vehicle collisions
  • Truck collisions
  • Motorcycle collisions
  • Bus collisions
  • Taxi collisions
  • Bicyclists struck by vehicles
  • Pedestrians struck by vehicles
  • From drunk driving-related vehicle collisions to semi-truck collisions caused by improper vehicle maintenance, we know the steps to take to obtain positive outcomes in these cases.

Using Experts in Motor Vehicle Collision Cases

In vehicle, truck and other motor vehicle collision cases, our counselors may need to bring in experts to strengthen our case.

We may need to bring in medical experts to help educate the jury about the severity of a condition, if a case needs to go to trial. We have medical professionals on staff, which means we know when to bring in experts and we have a vast network of experts to draw from, experts from major medical centers throughout the country.

We may need to bring in experts to explain how exactly the collision happened, demonstrating the negligence of the other driver. Frequently, we bring in specialists in collision reconstruction for this purpose.

Talk to The Crecca Law Firm First

Is an insurance company pressuring you to settle? As one of New Mexico’s most successful law firms, we know that resolving insurance issues is complicated.

If you are not familiar with those processes, you could risk missing important deadlines, damaging your case with an innocent comment to an insurance adjuster, or failing to identify a source of compensation for your loss. You do not have to handle this alone.

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Was your case caused by a drunk driver?

Under the laws of New Mexico, it’s illegal to drive any motor vehicle while under the influence of drugs or alcohol. Drunk driving liability applies not only to vehicle collisions and truck crashes but also to collisions involving planes, golf carts, boats, buses, motorhomes, ATVs and construction equipment. When investigating the circumstances leading to a vehicle collision, our counselors and specialty investigators stay alert for evidence of drug or alcohol abuse. If we discover that you or a loved one were the victim of a drunk driver, it’s our mission to see you recover maximum compensation.

Preserve Your Legal Rights as Soon as Possible

Talk to a counselor at no cost following a truck, motorcycle or vehicle collision, it is important to take early measures to see that you recover all insurance benefits and other compensation you are entitled to. If you would like to discuss your case with a counselor with our firm, please call (505) 819-3677 or email our office to arrange a free consultation and case review.

At The Crecca Law Firm, our job is to handle financial and legal issues for our clients, allowing them to focus on healing. When you call, there is no obligation. A counselor with relevant experience will explain your legal position and your options.

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